Our Business Plan

Business Achievement Ranks
Star - 1000 BV Matching
Emerald - 50,000 BV matching
Double Star - 2500 BV Matching
Sapphire - 1 Lakh BV Matching
Triple Star - 5000 BV Matching
Gold - 2 Lakh BV Matching
Ruby - 10,000 BV Matching
Platinum - 5 Lakh BV Matching
Pearl - 20,000 BV Matching
Diamond - 10 Lakh BV Matching
Crown Ambassador - 20 Lakh BV Matching

Team Bonus

Based on Business Volume.


Retail Bonus

A distributor when purchases products directly, will get a discount of 5% to 20%.


Repurchase Bonus

Repurchase volume will be calculated based on Sales Volume   (S V) and will be distributed among levels 1 to 15.


Rank Bonus

Rank Bonus will be given based on the matching of B V’s. There are 11 levels of ranks as mentioned above in the Business Achievement Ranks.